One and Onward…


So, I don’t think I’ve quite dealt with the fact that Scarlett is now officially one! And technically that means my blog is at an end. I’ve started and stopped ‘the final post’ about seventeen different times and each time I get emotional and can’t finish it. In the meantime, blog topics come and go without being written because of my self imposed timeline cut off!

I have therefore made the decision that at least for now the blog will continue. When I started, in my head I clearly thought that by the time Scarlett was one, I would know what I was doing/have parenting sussed out and wouldn’t have any need for a blog. How wrong I was! The bumpy ride of a first time mother begins when that stick shows two lines & I suspect now that it continues forever!

I temporarily abandoned my post comrades as I delayed what I thought was the inevitable, and for anyone that was following along the journey and had noticed the gap, my apologies. I missed you! Sincerely.

For our little girls birthday we did a bit of a two parter. One weekend in Brighton where my family are based but to maximise our time there, we invited our Gloucestershire family to join us so a big group of us Shire-lings had a day out in Brighton on the Saturday, we had a big dinner that evening & we all spent Sunday on the beach & in my Dads back garden playing about with water guns. We brought a caterpillar birthday cake and weren’t sure whether to be proud or a bit horrified when in the middle of singing ‘Happy Birthday’, Scarlett tore the head off and put it straight into her mouth! In fact that whole weekend she was treated to such a large amount of ice cream and cake we felt like the following Monday was the start of a sugar rehab program..!


Anyway, part two was a couple of weeks later in her hometown, we had a nice lunch and took a trip to a nearby Cotswold village where we all melted as July 1st this year was the hottest day of the year so far, any British readers will sympathise that a 35 degree day is quite a day to get through without air conditioning! Anyone from hotter climes will mock our discomfort but we are just not used to it! It was a lovely quiet day as my husband and I reminisced on the day we spent the year before and all we felt during that first day! We also had a small family BBQ and our little girl in general was predictably spoilt by her four Grandparents!


It certainly does mark a huge landmark in our baby’s life. She is now officially a one year old! We have one year experience of being parents. And we’re still on the job learning.

So although I had planned to write a fond farewell (and ride off into the sunset with my advanced qualifications perhaps..?!), I instead sign off tonight with a big cuddle for all of you who like me, still have no idea what’s going on despite our year in the field!


Scarlett is one and I am still very much an unqualified mother on a journey! To the next stage dear friends!