A Memorable Move…


A busy week of moving house – apparently we have started a tradition that once I am four months pregnant, we move! This time it’s getting our first footing on ‘the ladder’ and we are settling in very happily. Both realising how lucky we are to have this opportunity and it spurred on a little poem. An apt ditty on what is ‘Back to the Future’ day as this week has really felt like the start of a new era in our family’s life story!

New Home

The creaks of the floorboards, the noises on the streets,

The things about our new abode, that makes it so unique.

They’ll soon be familiar, we’ll soon get used to it’s voice,

But already we’re so happy with our new home of choice.

Our little girl running round smiling, my husband sat content,

When people say ‘this is the life’, this must be what they meant.

It’s not the bricks and mortar, not even my beloved log fire,

It’s the people that build a future, even when the world looks dire.

Our house is full of laughter, our house is full of smiles,

It’s great to get on the ladder, but its family that goes the miles.

We can see Christmas trees up in the corner, birthday cards up on the wall,

Milestones all being recorded, as our children start growing up tall.

As we settle we realise how lucky, we have been to get to this point,

Our achievements are not made solo, the efforts to get here were joint.

So as I sit on the sofa so cosy, happy in my husbands loving arms,

I realise my life is not perfect, but it’s pretty spectacularly charmed.