Trickier times…


Let me hide us away in a safe warm caccoon,Let me protect us all safe from this storm.

Let me take any hurt and send it away,

Let me keep us all happy and warm.
It’s out of my hands, so the Dr’s all say,

Just rest up, we’ll keep a keen eye.

So we take some time off and ‘relax’ like they say,

And watch as the days tick on by.
We know that our chances are good by all counts,

We know that we’re lucky, us three.

Things could be much worse, so much harder than this,

There’s much more traumatic things that we see.
But a parents job is to take care of their kids,

To keep them from getting in harm.

So with nothing to do but so much to lose,

It’s tricky to stay upbeat and calm.
Hold on little one, Mummy’s doing her best,

I’m fighting as hard as I can,

Not long to go now, till we can meet you when safe,

I’ll do my best to see out that plan.
Our two girls are our world, to my husband and me,

There’s nothing we both hold so dear,

So they say just relax, but with no power to help,

It’s really tough to abate all our fears.
I love you, my rock, my husband, my friend,

I couldn’t do this without you, you see. 

Hiding away from the rest of the world,

Until our baby’s safe with Daddy, Scarlett and me.