Early Arrival Euphoria…


Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pride and pleasure that I can happily announce the safe arrival of our second child; Holly Lily Kazimiera Jordan!
The full story of her birth (following in her sisters footsteps, it’s a dramatic one!) will follow at some point but for now I just thought I’d post the happy news! 
She was a very healthy 6lbs 11oz, born four weeks early, at 00:31 on 19th March, so we won our very own grand slam just before England won the Six Nations Grand Slam! 
As I type this, both Holly and I are still in the hospital but both doing really well and I’m hoping that this will be the last blog post when the two of us are in the hospital together! Over the last couple of months, we have fought together as a little team against infections, long standing ailments, as well as unsuitable pregnancy conditions and enough medication to keep us both rattling for years! Today should be our last night being woken up to have our temperatures taken, blood pressure monitored etc etc! Don’t get me wrong, I will have quite a few follow up appointments to ensure that post pregnancy; my kidney function starts to improve, my epilepsy calms down, and my iron levels pick up but that should hopefully be over a series of in eventful outpatient appointments instead of two, three day stays in hospital wards! 
For those people that have persevered through weeks of blog posts that keep starting ‘so, you’ll never guess where I am’ or similar, a big thank you. You, frankly make up some of the number of people in our lives that have followed our story, and even that seemingly simple act has got our little family through. Knowing that there are people there, cheering us on, following our progress.
I have mentioned many times that my husband is my hero, and he certainly takes poll position in the list of people who have got me through such a difficult time of my life. However; especially this last stretch where I barely knew who I was, couldn’t go anywhere without being told I have another flipping infection(!), it really has been a family affair! We’ve got through and been able to cope without our beautiful Scarlett being too negatively impacted (apart from perhaps wondering why her Mum doesn’t spend any time with her anymore!!) because of her four Grandparents. Whether it be living with us for a month to be an extra pair of hands in the household, regular meals being cooked and/or provided for us, or having Scarlett overnight, often at short notice to either allow us to try and get some rest or to head back to the hospital! 
It would take too long to explain the real value of their contributions but hopefully they all know how much we’ve really appreciated it. And as thanks…the gift of another new Granddaughter who already has them all wrapped around her little finger! (Which consequently is where she has us as well!) 
Anyway. My ‘short’ announcement post has turned into a much more substantial piece, my apologies! Our long awaited baby has arrived safely and we couldn’t be happier to have completed our little family of four!
The blog will continue as we take on our new life as parents of two young children under the age of two and muddle our way through the inevitable trials, tribulations, triumphant victories, spectacular failures and everything else in between! To all other parental teams, I salute you…and please send tips! 
Let the chaos commence!!