Positive Pregnancy Pain…


My breasts are sore. That’s a normal motherhood pain. 35 weeks in, and after 8 weeks so far on bed rest or in hospital, it’s finally a pain that is for our baby! 
My temperatures high, and I’m getting quite a few bouts of fever. I’ve been keeping the lamp on at night to avoid seeing things because the fever from the epilepsy tablets tend to make me see things. I refer to post it notes around my room and on my phone a lot because the epilepsy causes a lot of confusion. My back constantly hurts because my kidneys are rubbish. And I’m on painkillers and a few other medications because the recurrent infections & epilepsy medication have some rather unsavoury side effects. In total I take ten tablets each day at the moment. The difficult part of all of that, is that it’s all because of MY weaknesses, my body letting me & my baby down. I’m currently the biggest danger to our child and that breaks my heart.
But my breasts hurt because they’re preparing for our baby, it’s natural and it’s normal. My body is finally doing something that HELPS our baby. I’m finally having some pain thats an ACTUAL motherhood symptom and THAT I can deal with. I am practically giddy with enjoyment because of it. I think it may be the best Mother’s Day present I could possibly have received.
Our baby. My husband and I made her. We created her and I am finally doing something that protects her. Milk is coming through ready to nourish and protect our new arrival. I’m in a ridiculous amount of tears at finally feeling a pregnancy pain, a motherhood issue, I honestly can’t tell you how it feels! 
My breasts are sore. I couldn’t be happier!