Poetry passed on…


I’ve always written poetry, and never really known for sure where that particular side of my brain had come from. I have had a collection of poetry just waiting to be put together and published for a while now but life gets busy and it had slowly gone further to the bottom of the pile, especially since Scarlett was born. Recently I wrote a blog post which included a poem that my Dad had written when I was born, he would admit himself that creativity isn’t his strong point (although on reading his poem, I suspect the talent has just been suppressed!).

However! Last week my Mum brought round a little blue book and within it was a goldmine of discovery. She used to write poetry, lots of poetry, and some of the themes of love and motherhood, and hopes and dreams are so reflective of my own, it was such a wonderful recognition of one side of my life. I always knew that Mum was creative but now armed with a whole book full of poetry, I’m so pleased to be able to show my baby girl some of Nana’s work, not that at 4 months old she can really read and digest it, I was thinking more for the future…!

Anyway, aptly, my Mum wrote about Motherhood when she was just 18, and the feelings she experienced really echo my own, and so I thought it appropriate to share with you, dear friends and comrades. To see more of her poetry, now it’s risen in my pile of things to do, please do check out my collection of poetry when it’s finally released, which will now contain a certain special collaboration.

But for now may I please proudly present, Carol Whelans 1974 thoughts on Motherhood, for you my precious baby Scarlett, may you feel the same in the future;

“A mother is someone who knows all our needs,
Our hopes and our dreams and desires,
with a genuine interest in all that we do,
Someone who guides and inspires.

The heart of a Mother is full of compassion,
So generous, kind and forgiving,
The smile of a Mother is loving and tender,
And adds so much gladness to living.

A Mother is someone with infinite patience,
Who soothes all our troubles away,
Someone with limitless faith in her children,
And love for them day after day.

A Mother can make a house into a home,
By just being thoughtful and sweet,
By her warm understanding and gentleness too,
That makes life so rich and complete.

A Mother is full of true wisdom and strength,
Of loveliness, insight and grace,
She’s someone whose love we will cherish forever,
For no-one can take ‘Mother’s’ place!”


Super Surprise Shower!


As a lot of my recent posts will tell you, ‘A Bumpy Ride,’ is certainly an apt title for our pregnancy journey, and in recent weeks it was a very real possibility that our slightly underdeveloped little one was determined to have things their way and come into the world earlier than ideal. This was obviously of slight concern but the staff at the hospital were fabulous and at no point did we feel that things weren’t completely in hand. (As a side note I have to say that this is 90% down to the wonderful midwives who were constantly calm, cheerful and soothing as well as explaining things to us very clearly.)

Anyway, for my Mum, an additional concern was that she would miss the birth of her first Grandchild as she was due to fly out to Greece for a week between week 37 and 38. A holiday that I am duty bound to point out that was booked before we even knew our little one was on her way.

As it has been a rather hectic and emotional last few months, although at the much more energetic beginning of the pregnancy, ideas of brightly coloured baby showers and all of those things were at the forefront of my mind; to be totally honest, by the third trimester, I didn’t have the time, the energy or the inclination to do one. It seemed organising one when I was having to cancel coffee dates left, right and centre would an unnecessary and unreliable event to be planned.

Luckily for me, my Mum knows me better than I know myself some times and one of her strongest traits is thoughtfulness. With the irregularly kept timetable and wavering levels of energy etc, getting my family from Brighton, Manchester, London, Bristol and other places was not only not fair on them if she had to cancel but also not really worth it for what would only be a few hours one evening; she stuck to a few locally based family members. Inviting them to her house on a Thursday evening, within two or three days, she not only got together a few of the family, but also transformed her lounge into a baby shower wonderland! Balloons, pink cupcakes, decorations, games, a buffet which everyone brought a little something along to add to, when I walked in, it took everything I had not to burst into tears!

Mum had managed to organise a low key event that still made me feel fantastically special and relaxed and it was so nice to sit and chat with everyone about the baby without it being based around phrases like ‘bicornuate uterus,’ or discussing how the epilepsy medication would affect the c-section options etc etc. Instead we cooed and ahh-ed over teeny tiny baby gro’s and other thoughtful gifts that people had brought. Mum had even, in the time she had ordered a beautiful nappy cake, something I’d heard of before but didn’t really know what it entailed!

My lovely family collective!

My lovely family collective!

By 10pm I was really tired and we never got round to playing the games but it had been such a lovely evening taking some chilled time with family that I felt really relaxed and it did me the absolute world of good! I’m so grateful that Mum organised the evening and put so much work into making it just what I needed. Her first Granddaughter was so grateful, she even promises to stay put until Nana’s come back home from Greece!

Since the baby shower we’ve had another hospital stay (all fine) so this post is slightly belated than I meant it to be, and at the time of typing Mum is due home in two days and I’m really thrilled that that’s the case.

We really don’t have very long to go now, and are on almost daily monitoring and it’s exhausting but we are becoming more and more excited despite it being difficult.

It made me even more thankful to be so close to my family and friends at this time, sometimes, even for those of us used to being the ones doing the organising or doing the sorting of things – sometimes, we need to just let other people do what we don’t realise is for the best! If I’d have been asked about a baby shower, I would’ve have said “oh Christ no, I’ve got no time, I’ve got no energy and it’s frankly the last thing I need to be sorting out at the moment.” But luckily for me, Mother proves she knows best!

So thank you Mum, for a wonderful evening.