Not so jolly jabs…


Scarlett had her 12 week vaccinations yesterday, and it was just as heartbreaking as the 8 week ones. That little face, the sad tears. Only this time I had my husband there to hold MY hand! I want to be able to adequately explain to her that it’s ok, it’ll only hurt for a minute and protects her from a whole host of nasty diseases, but I can’t. She doesn’t understand, and that little confused and hurt face breaks my heart!

I had to wonder how it must play out in Scarlett’s mind…which then led to the following poem…

“Keep smiling, please don’t cry,
Eyes wet with tears, asking why.
Such a good day, up till now,
“It’s for the best”, I don’t see how.

My Daddy hugs me, Mummy’s sad,
I look up, this hurts so bad,
I’m 12 weeks old, I don’t need this,
Pain not subsiding with Mummy’s kiss.

“See you soon,” the nurse replies,
I look up, mean lady I despise,
A stickers not enough for me,
Leave me alone, make her let me be.

For the best, to keep me safe,
I have to take that on good faith.
It’s not much fun, it’s not a ball,
If I had my way I wouldn’t go at all!”