Time Travelling…


I found a letter I wrote myself in the year 2000 today. In clearing out some old stuff, I found a ‘millennium capsule letter’ that I so clearly remember a few of us making! The letter was to me at 30, so technically, I’m nearly 2 years late in finding it! I was 15 at the time, and some of the references are very dated, but it was a nostalgic read, and I think my teenage self would at least be pleased with where life took us! This letter was supposed to be about ‘what was going on in my world at the time’.

I would just like a quick disclaimer at this point to say that I have copied out the letter as close to how I scribbled it out and I apologise for my 15 year old self quoting ‘haha’ so much, must be a nervous teenage thing, I definitely didn’t find that many things comical..! Although it is interesting to see how much detail I go into about the recent crime news, in fact I think there’s a few indicators of where I was headed in life in the below! There were a few other letters in the time capsule about family and friends, and maybe I’ll add a few of the others here in the future. I’m certainly saving them all so that when our daughters reach 15, I’ll suggest they do the same and give them mine (as a warning to not add so many haha’s if nothing else..!). My plan is to now, in the run up to my 32nd birthday, write an updated version of that to add to have a look at again when I’m 45 (or 47 if I forget for a couple of years!), a little look back every 15 years with a few little artefacts to take me right back to a certain point in time, and after having two beautiful little girls, what better time to travel back to!


“Hello me! That’s weird, I’ll be a grown up when I next read this (unless I read this in a few days and then lose it) I’m 15 at the moment, about to turn 16, I’m going to the Orient Rendevous for dinner and going to see Saturday Night Fever in the West End which is exciting. I LOVE theatre SOOOO much. I’m hoping to see Scream 3 as well as that’s out just near my birthday which is AWESOME!

I don’t really know what I should write in something like this! The Prime Minister is Tony Blair, and the Queen is the Queen, haha! She’s Elizabeth II. Westlife are number one I think, they’d had a dream for weeks now it seems, maybe they’ll still be number one when I read this back in 2015. 2015!! It sounds so futuristic, it’s when Back to The Future is…in the future.

Where will I be in 2015? Hopefully in love, with a great sex life haha! I’ll be 30, OH MY GOD THIRTY! I might have kids. I hope I have a really cool job, in theatre, or in a hospital as a surgeon maybe, Dr Lade! Haha!

What’s going on at the moment? (I’m just reading the list of questions from our prompt sheet haha!) Well…Harold Shipman will probably still be in prison (if he’s still alive, they all seem to top themselves in prison these days) after being found guilty of murdering FIFTEEN patients in the 90’s the other day, it’ll be interesting if he’s still remembered in the future, hopefully there won’t have been so many more horrific crimes that his will seem irrelevant, hopefully he’ll still be one of the most prolific ones. Women reached the South Pole so 2000 is already off to a great start HOORAY! I’d love to go on a big expedition like that. Although at this point I’d settle for leaving the house and not going to the hospital. Oh yeah THE BIG ELEPHANT IN THE 2000 ROOM. I got diagnosed with epilepsy last year and they’re still trying to sort my medication out because before they were concentrating more on accusing me of being a druggie or trying to send me to asylums FUN! Maybe that’s what I’ll do in the future, I’ll cure epilepsy, and send my school teachers to a drug addict asylum haha! Oh ALSO, as no one else seems to know this, the second line in Wamdue Project’s song is ‘Must be the reason why I’m free in my trapped soul’, not ‘free in my trestle’ like SOMEONE said. 1) trestle makes no sense and 2) I used 888 on Teletext when it was on TOTP so HA!

My predictions for the year 2015? Errrrrr….probably some old people who are currently alive now will be dead (RIP!). More babies will be born, maybe a couple of mine BAH! Umm I dunno, it’s very hard to tell. I hope crimes will be less because we’ll be able to catch them quicker and prove they did it better than now. Hopefully there’ll be less diseases because cures will be found (bye bye epilepsy, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!). Hopefully Harry Potter will be happily living with Sirius in a quiet life in the future haha! The next book will hopefully be out soon, I think it would stress me right out that every term I got harassed by Voldy, WHAT ABOUT HARRYS EXAMS haha! Otherwise, eurgh it’s hard to know, I’m not mystic meg! I doubt Tony Blair will still be prime minister although the Queen might not still be OH MY GOD I hope the Queens not dead! Long live the Queen haha! Maybe by 2015 Emma Thwaites may have gotten over the fact that Take That split up although probably not haha!

What am I into? Horror films OBVIOUSLY. Blair Witch Project came out last year and was like, the new exorcist because people were throwing up after seeing it. I nearly did but only because of the CRAZY camera shit! Deep Blue Sea is a personal favourite, it’s a bit ridiculous MUTANT SHARKS ARE THE KILLERS haha! But it was pretty cool. Jodie thinks The Mummy is a horror film but it’s like a kids film haha! It’s been quite a good year for horror films I suppose. Terror Firmer, Carrie 2 (haha!), House on Haunted Hill. I’m big into Friends again now that EMILY WALTHAM HAS GONE! Finally. Eurgh. I still think Ross is a dick but Emily was so annoying and made English people look so uptight. It’d be cool if there was a British version of Friends, London’s Burning isn’t really good enough! Maybe I’ll write one but with YOUNG people in it instead of the Last of the Summer Wine rubbish that is basically what UK shows are. I’m into Spice Girls OBVIOUSLY! Girl Power haha! Hopefully I’ll see them in concert sometime, that would be AMAZING! Hopefully by 2015 girls will all be nicer to each other. I LOVE the Eurovision Song Contest which Dave Collinson says proves I’m a loser but I DON’T CARE haha, Eurovision for life! I really hope I get to see it live someday, but not when it comes back to the UK, somewhere exciting (and not Ireland who ALWAYS wins, except last year when Israel won for OBVIOUS reasons). I love computer games, CHRISTOPHER AND I COMPLETED DAY OF THE TENTACLE AND MANIAC MANSION, yeah we’re heroes. Oh and murder mysterys, we did one for Katy Whiteheads birthday last year and it was amazing, we went all round Cheltenham following clues before having a Chinese Takeaway for tea. I hope I’ll still be doing stuff like that.

Umm anything else? Oh yeah the Y2K bug didn’t kill all computers, so there’s that. I’m not allergic to tuna, that was obviously just wishful thinking.

My hopes for the future? I’ve already said really, successful, married, in love, great sex life, lots of travelling, lots of theatre, maybe be the surgeon that cures epilepsy and receive some kind of Nobel Peace prize and the ladies who went to the South Pole and I will do talks on being inspiring women haha! Might not be able to have children so I’m going to adopt, someone will have to continue my legacy haha! Oh and I REALLY hope I get to be in a horror film, or write one, or in some way be involved with horror films in my spare time. Maybe I’ll be creepy horror film girl but I’m creepy weird girl most of the time anyway so I may as well love it! Hopefully mine and Katy’s screenplay ‘Rest In Pieces’ will be made! Ummm I hope sashes are in fashion, haha, I don’t know why I just really like sashes, makes me feel like a clever superhero or something I suppose. We wore one in debating, not house debating it wasn’t our year to do that so a few of us did a gameshow version of one. I didn’t take part I just wrote and hosted it haha!

Soooooooooooooooooo, that’s where things are in the year 2000! Seeeeeee you again in 2015 where I’ll be living with aliens, having pills for meals and having a dramatic death in a horror film! Oh God, can you imagine if I AM dead! And my kids are tearfully reading this? Or if I die before adopting children and my husband is reading this, DARLING IM SURE I LOVE YOU AND ILL MISS YOU! Or if I die before meeting the love of my life!!!!!! Maybe I’ll start going to church again JUST IN CASE! Haha NOT. See you in the future Dani!”


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