Dramatic Darkness…



Just after Christmas, my husband and I had a terrifying journey when the lights on the car suddenly went and decided to go! Terrifying because we were on a very dark country road at the time. Luckily the girls weren’t with us so they didn’t get to hear our pathetic screams and hear the language we used when trying to desperately find a place to safely pull over!


The night we got back, the bathroom light went. Weird we thought, but not exactly something to go into record books. The day after the landing light blew. ‘Maybe there’s something wrong with the circuit’ my Dad suggested, so a few days later, we asked a friend in the know to have a little look for us. No, nothing wrong with the circuits. That’s a relief, and the whole incident remained a coincidental mystery.


Just as we relaxed the dining room lights went, one by one, over three days (three bulbs). In the meantime the replacement bulb we’d put in the landing (we hadn’t got to the bathroom light yet as it needs a ladder to get there, so we’ve been having romantic candlelit baths…and romantic candlelit trips to the toilet..!) blew again with the lightbulb bounding creepily down the stairs…


It was at this point it felt like we were at the beginning of some kind of creepy movie. Although we managed to persuade ourselves we were too imaginative for our own good.


BUT THEN!! Tonight a bulb went in the lounge, in the five bulb chandelier…followed by a second one going shortly after. Now if all these bulbs had been installed at the same time we may put it down to eerily similar shelf lives of bulbs but not only were they all installed at different times, there were a mixture of energy saving and normal bulbs throughout the house. And the landing one blew just 24 hours after we’d replaced it.


So as we are both HIGHLY dramatic, we were starting to suspect paranormal activity..!


(DISCLAIMER: We are both intelligent people and we know that most likely this is all still down to coincidence but Goddamit let us play!)


We’re not going to set up video cameras because as the films have educated us, videoing them is a sure fire way of cranking up the paranormal activity straight up to a level ten! We’re also not going to do a Ouija board just yet as that similarly tends to end badly in the films. HOWEVER, as it is quite an old house, we decided to look into the history of the house and whether anything has ever happened here.


As we all know, chances are, there’s nothing. But my husband and I do love a good mystery, so as our lightbulbs are desperate for a bit of drama, we decided to see if we can attach any to them! Our limited research so far of the paranormal history of the road is that a lovely lady who worked in a bakery on the roundabout very near out house, died, in the hospital up the road, under no suspicious circumstances, with no associated paranormal activity recorded. So it looks like it’s up to the two of us to write our own version of events at home with fingers crossed that we have better luck with lightbulbs for the rest of 2017!



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