Nostalgic New Look…


I’m having an affair…

Yes you’re right, that definitely needs more explanation!

When I met my husband, he had quite short hair and quite substantial stubble, a young guy with a traditionally tall dark and handsome look. He soon grew his trademark beard with slightly longer hair. It’s a distinguished, classically handsome, film star type look (I’m obviously bias but the ‘film star’ definition was actually given to him from a few people at a wedding we went to a year ago!).

He’s had this bearded look for three years now, and he’s extremely well known and recognisable for it.

However, the other day, for a bit of a shake up and change of image (probably because we’re both naturally dramatic but something we both enjoy doing every so often!) he shaved off the beard and had his hair cut short, he looks, almost identical to how he looked when we first met, which for a lot of people who have entered his life post beard, has been quite a shock. Because he looks different, like REALLY different. He practically looks like another person!

There’s something excitingly nostalgic about the new look, it’s reminded me of when we first got together, I’ve found myself suddenly being a bit giggly round him! Seriously, the last few days it’s felt a bit like we’re dating again, and it’s brought back those ‘beginning of a relationship’ type butterflies, as if I’m carrying on with someone new all of a sudden!

The girls noticed the big change, Scarlett keeps telling him that he’s ‘lost his hat’! Holly keeps going to grab his beard (another of the motivations for getting rid of it for a while!) and then seeming quite confused! He shaved in front of them so they wouldn’t be too freaked out but the looks on their faces was definitely a picture.

His hair grows very fast and so before the end of the year it’ll be back to it’s more commonly known state, and it’ll likely stay there for another few years before another image shake up(!). But for now, I’m enjoying a little foray back into our first dating days. I started our relationship with an intellectual crush on my husband which has always continued throughout. However the other day, I discovered that I also have a bit more of a slightly more shameless ‘blush when he winks at me/electricity inducing’ crush that I try and pretend that at 31 I’m far too intellectual and sensible to have…! And let’s be honest, sometimes, it’s nice to feel like a teenager again (without those horrible teenage side effects.!).

Anyway, just a quick post today to acknowledge how much I fancy my husband (…!), now where did I put that red dress from 2013..!


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