Today, we were supposed to be in London for quite a big day out. We decided not to do it in the end as we had bigger plans….NOTHING!
Today has been simply delicious! We’ve done some clearing up and clearing out, our eldest went to nursery until 2pm, a good friend who has two children exactly the same ages as our two came round for a coffee, piece of cake and a catch up. I got some work done early this morning to give ourselves the afternoon. We played with the kids, I had a lovely bath, we sang songs with the girls. And our dinner is nearly ready which we’re going to eat on our laps cuddled up watching Luke Cage before playing Resident Evil together on the PS4 before heading to bed.

Today has been an EXCEEDINGLY good day, it likely sounds boring to many, especially compared to a posh day out in London. But as all parents know, some days can really feel like being in the trenches, and as all self employed people will know, the madness never stops; and the pace of life for us is always 100mph, which suits us. We thrive in chaos, but it’s also why the blue moon days, days like today, are just so bloody brilliant!

Days like these are when I reflect on how lucky I am with the life partner I chose. To be able to enjoy the nothing days quite so much is magical! A man who will dance in pyjamas with me to the delight of his toddler and baby without question! A man who, every day, at some point, makes me a cup of tea or coffee because it’s tradition. A man who I could spend days on end with, and not get bored of. My husband, my best friend, and my absolute rock.

I love the life I have, that doesn’t mean it’s not tough, or that it has its days when I’m worried about anything and everything. But I would worry, and there would be stresses with ANY lifestyle I chose, which is an important thing I want my girls to remember. Life is difficult, which is why it’s SO important to surround yourself with the best possible cast, as many exciting storylines as you can, and in as much as you can control, making it the best damn production you can. It’s a bit like being in a car, the journey can be long, boring, and often arduous; but it’s a damn sight more fun if your passengers are happy to play car games, and listen to a banging soundtrack while taking the route you enjoy the most!

Anyway, multiple metaphors aside..! It’s the little things, the normal every day things that allow you to gage your base contentment. We don’t have many quiet days that don’t have a mile long to do list, and those these one offs are always unexpected and like gold. Like most family’s, it all goes by in a crazy whirl, (and that’s whether you have children or not, life is manic!) so when the universe aligns for those odd moments of tranquility, enjoy it! We all deserve it! Let’s be honest, the next day something will bring us back to reality…the car will break down, one or both of the kids will wake up at 4am, a forgotten deadline will appear…we all know the drill! 

Today was delicious comrades, and I hope for a similarly delicious day for all of you, you’re worth it!


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