Sentimental school start…


My baby girl started nursery today!! She ran up the driveway of the nursery we’ve chosen giggling and excited, and didn’t look back! What was even more heartwarming, was that little face jumping up and running to me calling out ‘Mummy!’ when I arrived to pick her up at the end of the door! 
She spent the car journey home excitedly chatting, and telling us that she was going to nursery again tomorrow, which, is true; but she doesn’t know that! So it does mean that Saturday is going to be quite the disappointment! 

What’s especially nice about the nursery we’ve chosen is that it’s run by my best friend. Our little girl couldn’t be in better hands. 

I was going to write more about how nervous I was joining the ‘Mum crowd’ at pick up, or how bad I felt that Scarlett had a plain lunchbox and not a cool character one. (That’ll be rectified by next week!) and chances are I’ll discuss that in a future post, BUT, do you know what, the important thing is our little girl is at a nursery we love, our first choice, and even better; SHE loves it! I want both my daughters to always live the happiest lives they can do, and for the majority of their lives, that’s up to the choices THEY make, of course forever supported by us in any way we can; but for now the decisions are up to us, (no pressure..!) and we’re confident that with this nursery, she’s off to a great start!

Safe assured that it was an emotional day for my husband and I! We’re soppy at the best of times, so this new era beginning was quite the happy day! To new and exciting beginnings!


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