Suspicious Silence…


Short post today, but I had to share, I feel like parents everywhere will understand why this moment feels momentous.

I am…in the middle of a day out with both girls, sitting in a coffee shop, casually…CASUALLY enjoying my iced latte. With no screams, it’s not half spilt down my top as I try and juggle them both. Because, BECAUSE! And I can’t believe I’m saying this…they are BOTH asleep, at the SAME TIME!!! For, I thin, the first time ever.

I’m just sat here, latte in hand, I’m sipping it for crying out loud, like some carefree 20 something! I would have brought a book but WHAT PARENT EVER TAKES A BOOK SOMEWHERE THEIR CHILDREN WILL BE?!! If it wasn’t such a hot day, I’d be finishing a horrible while it still hot, this is the extent of this madness. I’ve written this whole passage without interruption, except to bloody sip my drink!!

To all the parents out there, it IS possible, and when it happens,

What a feeling…I don’t know what to do with myself…

….I think I might be bored. I’m not really prepared for an unscheduled bit of me time.

…we were having such a fun day as well.

…I sort of miss them.

…maybe I’ll just nudge the baby a bit…!image


One thought on “Suspicious Silence…


    Ha ha hilarious but totally understandable. Make the most of it as it won’t happen too often ☺

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