Optimistically Onwards…


Holly is now 12 weeks old. She’s smiling and gurgling and growing and proving every day, that the strong little girl I fought with during the worst parts of a dangerous pregnancy, is the warrior I knew she was. 
She’s a very smiley little girl, although she suffers from more colic than Scarlett did. With sleep they’re now roughly on the same path; Holly does sleep through, for less time than her big sister but we still have to count ourselves as very lucky parents!

She had her eight week injections quite late last week and had more than our first born, they’ve now introduced a Meningitis vaccination, and her little legs both did swell up and she was unwell for a couple of days. Compared to the horrendous diseases they protect against though, it’s nothing really! 

Holly has two beautiful birthmarks, one on her hand and one on her back. Both will decrease as she grows and the one on her back we’ve been told might even disappear completely but it’s those individual irises that I always love about a persons looks. Those special things that make them them. I’ve always felt in the same way that scars narrate the journey we’ve been on so far. It’s why I’m proud of my csection scars, happy with the silvery remains of my pregnancy stretch marks, and there are marks that I’ve come to recognise and love on my husband. Scarlett has a couple of beautiful birthmarks too, one on her head in the same place I do. 

The girls get on well, Scarlett gets very excited when she gets to join in feeding baby Holly, and strokes her head when she cries. She’s not quite clear on the appropriate amount of force to use when dealing with a baby yet but she’s getting there! The initial show of jealousy has disappeared, ever since I was recovered enough to be able to pick Scarlett up again really. Since then, her super early wake ups and extra crazy tantrums have calmed down, which is a relief! 

We have a few important events coming up over the next few months that we’re looking forward to (only with slight trepidation on how well it will all go!);

– Scarlett turns 2 in less than a month.

– We’ll be having a joint baby naming ceremony before the end of the year.

– Holly will be going on her first holiday abroad to Malta in September which will also be our first plane trip with both children…!! 

Lots of exciting times up ahead, to be honest, I’m still so grateful to just have our healthy baby here with us safely. Now we’re back to our regular life, looking forward to the next year is sometimes quite overwhelming. Until the last few days I hadn’t blogged for a while and I think in truth I have been dealing with the aftermath of everything that went on at the beginning of the year. I still have nightmares about it all despite the memories being very hazy for me, and I often wonder how we came out of it so unscathed.

It’s my brother in laws 30th birthday party tomorrow night, the first big family event for us since Holly’s been born. It’s really nice not to have to be missing it, or be making preparations in case of a seizure, or wonder if we’ll make it through the day without having to go to the hospital or have Dr’s come to us. My main concern is what we’re all going to wear! 

It was a long road getting here but today I looked down at my precious little baby girl and I realised how lucky we’d been and what a fighter she is. I apologise for my recent absence comrades, our family of four continues our journey and we hope you are all doing well with your own ups and downs. Life with two under two is a blast, a ridiculous, emotional, difficult and rewarding blast; and now that truly harrowing time is behind us, we’re excitedly looking forward. Smiles at full, adventuring hats on, ONWARD! 


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