Valiant Valentine…


I’m back in the hospital, having had steroid injections to help baby’s lungs develop and on antibiotics for a new infection that brought on some contractions (which will hopefully be managed so we don’t have a premature labour). Although if premature labour IS on the cards, I’m already being monitored and prepared with aforementioned steroid injections and painkillers so I’m in the best place and lucky to be being looked after by our wonderful NHS. 
That’s the quick summary of the situation so I can get to my main point.

Today is Valentines Day. A ‘holiday’ that my husband and I don’t celebrate apart from in a jokey way (St Valentine is also the patron saint of epilepsy, the plague and beekeepers amongst other things so we like to choose an alternative to honour each year!). However, this year, I feel very lucky and I feel like we have absolutely celebrated it. 

We didn’t go out for a fancy meal, we didn’t exchange pricey or extravagant gifts. Instead my #ValentinesDay Instagram post was a picture of my hospital bed. (@Ladeington for any interested readers!) The reason I still ‘hashtagged’ it as Valentines Day is because for the entire day, while I’ve been poked, prodded, handed things to pee into, injected with things and hooked up to various machines; my husband has been by my side. Holding my hand, making me smile, stroking my hair, telling me everything’s going to be ok, as well as co-ordinating Scarlett being looked after again for the next couple of days and updating family members on the situation. I have spent the day, in pain, yes, but being shown the purest, most honest and truest sense of romance all day.

When I was taken up to the ward and he had to leave, I was incredibly sad to see him go, he is my absolute rock. And although it sounds ridiculous, it has, in some ways been the most wonderful Valentines Day I’ve ever had (obviously once we knew there was no danger to baby!).

It’s now gone 2am and painkillers have helped at least reduce the pain slightly, and my ward companion only snores gently so I’ll hopefully get some sleep, I feel much better knowing my comrade will be back with me tomorrow and with a bit of luck I’ll be home soon to be with my little girl who I miss terribly, and with Scarlett’s younger sibling still on the inside! 

So although I’m not normally the soppy romantic type, Happy Valentines Day to you all, wherever you find love, whomever it may be with and in whatever form you cherish it!


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