Varied vocabulary…


With everything going on during this last trimester, I’ve found it difficult to sum up how I feel, I keep finding myself using made up words in an attempt to express it as realistically as possible. 

One of the words I’ve been using most often (sponsored by a combination of sleep deprivation, pain, epilepsy and general baby brain) is ‘floopy’. A word that is not currently in the Oxford dictionary, so for the benefit of you all, ive defined it as best I can:




1. Reduced brain capacity and state of lesser understanding ‘By 3pm each day, Danielle’s brain checks out and for the rest of the day she can only be described as floopy.

2. State of mind, hazy understanding of the world immediately surrounding one. ‘Danielle could see her husband was talking to her but couldn’t quite work out what he was saying, or when it was she’d entered that room, or why’

I’ll of course let you all know how the Oxford dictionary definition application goes…!


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