Toddler tantrums…


Scarlett is approaching the ‘terrible twos’, she’s approaching it quickly and as such has decided to start getting some strops in a few months early. As she’s normally a very happy, cheery little lady, we can’t help but find it funny when they happen. Especially as the things she strops about are so entertaining. Here are just a few examples our daughter felt were tantrum worthy:
– we wouldn’t let her eat a plug

– she wanted to play with my tin of Vaseline but I gave it to her without calling it a hat first

– we wouldn’t let her hit herself in the head with the cupboard door

– she asked for a cracker and we gave it to her

– I wasn’t drinking my tea fast enough or taking long enough sips

And that’s just the last few days. It’s an entertaining phase, we try not to laugh at her when she’s having said tantrums and let her calm down without giving too much attention, as the last thing we want her to learn is that throwing a tantrum will get her anywhere.
Luckily because we do just leave her to it, she gets over it pretty quickly. I’m sure the next year or so (and the arrival of her sibling!) will bring bigger and more extravagant strops, and as she starts to learn more about being independent and gets frustrated at the seemingly changing world around her, the toddler years will bring much bigger challenges than a quick strop! It’s all part of the fun and games, now I must go, our little angel is annoyed she isn’t allowed to wear her porridge…


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