Realistic Resolutions…


My ‘pregnancy resolutions’ for this second pregnancy were as follows, (with accompanying success details next to them!) :
1. Don’t worry so much about every little twinge and feeling – which I have to say I’ve mainly been successful in, I’m quite laid back in general so now I know a bit more what things feel like from the first time, I’m managing pregnancy pain paranoia much better this time.

2. Eat all the best foods – HA! Well, our diets are pretty healthy as everything is home cooked from scratch & I enjoy experimenting but a bit like last time, especially the first trimester was plagued by really bad sickness and so when you know you can keep down a McDonalds Apple pie, it’s difficult to opt instead for a homemade smoothie! I have been eating well in the majority but the number of McD’s Apple pies have definitely been more frequent than I would normally eat them!

3. Relax more in the run up to the birth – pre New Year I can safely say I totally failed at this one! Work wise, we’ve had the busiest 12 months of our careers so far and it hasn’t remotely slowed in the last 6 of pregnancy (a hospitalisation paused play for a couple of weeks but otherwise it’s been very full on) it’s difficult because I love being busy and find it hard to say no to doing things. However, I’m currently sitting in the bath with a bath melt soothing away aches and pains with a magazine and I had similar last week with a bath bomb. After Christmas I’ve been left well stocked with products from LUSH (which I love!) and my husband has been enforcing baths at times when I’ve said I don’t have time. I also have a pregnancy massage voucher to cash in and the watchful eye of said husband who is determined I slow down in the last 13 weeks! Last time, I failed at relaxing, but this time, at least in the third trimester I think I’ll succeed more!

4. Have more control over my emotions – what a ridiculous resolution to have made. (Obviously done so when I wasn’t pregnant and had tricked myself into thinking it was something I had control over!) I still cry because I think someone has said something to imply I’m not a perfect Mum when they’ve only actually asked me to pass them their drink, I still leave the house and then realise I don’t have my bag/phone/coat/keys/shoes that aren’t slippers (which generally leads to more tears) and I still snap at my family when I mishear what they’ve said and think it’s time for a row (usually followed by a confused look on their face, followed by more tears as I get upset over upsetting them..!) 

All in all, I’ve done about as well as I would with the stereotypical New Years resolutions. My intentions were good, they’re all good ideas, but I’m only human, and running on pregnancy time!! 

I decided to make more realistic resolutions for the last trimester of this second pregnancy and we’ll see how they go :

1. Relax as much as possible…maybe to be rephrased as try and keep well stocked with LUSH products and then use when my husband tells me to!

2. Apologise when I’m being unreasonable, attempt to stop apologising for things in my head like, I was sitting down and thought my husband wanted me to be doing something more productive. Or making a cup of tea that I decide isn’t in the nicest mug. If I tell someone they’re a waste of space for not knowing I wanted a tiny bit of raspberry jam of top of a well buttered but of toast, an apology is due. If someone walks in the room and I apologise for not having handmade them a three piece suit because they mention they could do with a new jacket…I’m doing it wrong again!

3. Enjoy the bits I can, and try not to feel bad for not enjoying the sickness, pain or other downsides to pregnancy. When a baby kicks, people talk about it being a miracle and how lucky you must feel. When it’s at 3am and you can’t sleep because your miracle is practising Kung fu on your bladder and moving so much you feel dizzy – it’s ok to not be inspired to write a poem on the miracles of being pregnant. It’s tough sometimes and that’s ok. It doesn’t reflect how much I’ll love my children. It doesn’t even disrespect pregnancy. It’s just admitting that it’s not 24/7 wonder and amazement. The kicking thing, yeah it’s exciting, but it’s also kind of strange and painful and I’m determined to hold no guilt for thinking so in the 3rd and most active trimester!

So there we go, updated pregnancy resolutions that are slightly more achievable and all that I’ll probably break! I’ll try and remember to write a post when I’m finishing a 12 hour working day, yelling at one person for not giving me my favourite fork, apologising to another for not giving them a house deposit, whilst feeling guilty over being bothered by my unborn child’s internal attacks (sorry I of course mean, little kicks of joy..!).


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