New Years Musings…


  I found the below on my iPad after a sleepless night (I’m in that stage of pregnancy, the non sleeping stage I remember very clearly from my first pregnancy. Back then people joked with me that if I thought I was only getting a little sleep then, I was in for a shock when the baby was born…however, I can honestly say I got more sleep in the first three months of having a newborn baby, than I did in the last three months of pregnancy, easily!) ANYWAY, rant aside(!) I started a 2015/2016 reflections post. One I was going to pick up again but in all honesty I’m not sure where I was going with it so instead I’m just posting it for prosperity!

So here it is, my unfinished, lack of sleep induced, 2015 summary and look to our 2016 priorities! Not resolutions, that’s perhaps another post for another day..!

Happy New Year to all my fellow bloggers, writers, readers and all!

“It’s the 1st January 2016 and the start of a brand new year, a blank page, a new chapter! I am wide awake as I’ve hit that stage of pregnancy where I can’t get comfy enough to sleep and even if I could, our newest addition to the family is extremely active at night and ensures she practises her stage combat moves around 2am…! 
It has inevitably tonight led me to look back on our 2015, and forward to our 2016 with a few observations, that I’ll list in bullet points because it’s late, and I don’t trust myself to make sense in full paragraphs. (I don’t really expect to make sense in bullet points but at least they should be slightly easier to decipher!) 
In 2015:

– We moved! Finally headed onto that property ladder people kept telling us about, I was always convinced I wasn’t that bothered about property but I have to admit I have felt a real added sense of security that is comforting. 

– We have levelled up! And in that I mean we have created a new life to join our little family, we will in 2016 become four. The second half of our 2015 was somewhat taken up with a difficult start to that journey but as we’ve done this part before, we know that kidney problems and health scares are all more than worth it for the next part! 

– Business is doing very well, we ran all the courses we planned on running and even ran one with the RSC with another now planned for 2016. And we developed he writing/directing side that was in our five year plan by starting it early with two professional writing and directing projects with our names on them. Both which went very well, our main issue for 2016 is having a look at where we can slow things down in some areas, to be able to concentrate on various threads. 

– My individual work has also seen us travel to Paris, Brussels and Glasgow and nearly saw us in New York if advanced pregnancy hadn’t interrupted play! I will be early on in 2016 going on maternity leave but I’m lucky to be in a role that won’t be affected by a few quiet months.

– Our beautiful little girl turned one and has developed into a happy, healthy, confident child. She loves to dance, she finds joy in so many places and she reminds us every day how to live with unapologetic happiness. She IS getting to the slightly more tantrumy toddler stage, but it’s all part of her development and we have seen her character and it’s going to be a real continued joy to watch her grow. Not to mention interesting to see her reaction to becoming a big sister!
In 2016:

– We will be welcoming player four to the game! Due late March/early April, baby number two will soon be with us and that is when the real fun begins! Life with two under twos! It will be tough, the first six weeks especially will be extremely challenging. But it will be delightful chaos that we’re looking forward to embracing! (Which reminds me, must Google ‘top tips for having two children!’)

– Workwise we’re going to use the first part of my maternity leave to adjust our five year plan accordingly. Work has got so busy that in the latter part of 2015, especially when a tricky pregnancy put our schedule behind; we found that we were doing really well but we had no time to catch up with friends and family. In 2016, our main aim is to balance that out. Don’t get me wrong, being in demand is great and we’re very lucky to be too busy as self employed people, but we now need to decide which routes we’re going to slow down and/or close off, and which we’re going to focus on. Not an easy task for two enthusiasts but a priority when we want to ensure we’re seeing more of people we want to!

– Scarlett is going to become a big sister in a few months and one of our priorities is to help her realise how important that makes her role as big sister. She’s going to be gaining a comrade, not a competitor and we therefore want to try and ensure we help her understand that. And keep it clear that she is in no way being usurped in our love for her. ‘Toddler’ is a tough stage for everyone involved so the last thing she needs is to think she has a rival. She is our world, and her sibling will be our world, but they will grow up knowing how lucky they are to have each other. 

– This year we will (hopefully!) have slightly less travelling! I’ll be on maternity leave so won’t be going abroad with work at least until the end of 2016 but now we have a much busier and former base of local work, we’ll be able to pick and choose much more when and where we have to travel all over the place. For example, we’re looking forward to a work trip in St Ives in February which we’ve booked in because the work is valuable and the people there are very dear friends. But we don’t HAVE to accept every ‘away’ work trip that comes through to our work email and that puts us in an extremely fortunate position. We have many years to jet set, but while we have two very little ones, it’ll be nice to have at least a year or two staying a bit more closer to home!”


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