Inviting Indulgence…


I’ve noticed that when you’re pregnant, it suddenly become the reason for getting away with some things. Crying at adverts, forgetting your bank card when you go to the shop, throwing up in public places…! A whole plethora of ridiculousness can be put down to pregnancy.

There are some things however that I’ve realised people put down to pregnancy when we shouldn’t really need to give any reason or excuse for our behaviour.

For example, I am currently, at 10pm on a Sunday night, sat in bed with a piece of cheesecake. It’s homemade cheesecake, I made it as dessert which was served after the lamb roast dinner I made for 7 of my family members. I made this roast dinner after a busy day of working and looking after my little girl. I have been up since 7.30 and haven’t really sat down all day, even my work was done whilst walking round with, or running after Scarlett!

And it wasn’t a lazy roast dinner, I cooked roast lamb, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, made (from scratch) cauliflower cheese, gluten free sausage meat sage and onion stuffing, green beans, sweetcorn, Yorkshire puddings and gravy. I’m not complaining, I always think Sunday’s are for roast dinners (or BBQ’s!) and if I’m going to do a roast, I’m going to do it properly! I work a lot on a Sunday which therefore means it’s often in the evening but that’s my choice, no-one forces me to do a roast, I like to and I often choose to.

HOWEVER, I have made a comment to my husband, and on a group chat I’m in that I’m having a piece of cheesecake in bed at 10pm…because I’m pregnant. Which now I’m sat here eating it I’ve realised, is crap! I’m eating cheesecake in bed at 10pm because after a long and busy day, I wanted to have another piece AND I wanted to go to bed and then realised I’m a 30 year old woman who can damn well do both if she so chooses!

So I’m making a pledge, (and feel free to join me!) if I want a slice of madeira cake at 11am, I’m not going to say the baby wants it, I’m going to just sit and enjoy every mouthful! If after a long day I’ve only just finished work at 1am but I want a bath, I’m going to fill that beautiful tub with bubbles, and if I want to use my soon to be upcoming day off to sit in my pyjamas and have a nap when Scarlett does, as I have not had a full day off since the 5th November, I am bloody well going to do that! Not because I’m pregnant, but because I’m just actively choosing to!

I am often my own worst critic and it’s not as if other people are calling me out on doing any of the above, I doubt most people care where I eat my cheesecake! It’s this strange thing that a lot of women (and a lot of men) will do, we’ll do something instinctively, judge ourselves and then feel bad about it, all from inside our own heads! It’s not just a pregnancy thing, it’s a people thing!

Now I’m not saying that restraint shouldn’t be a trait, if I started eating copious amounts of cheesecake in bed every night, it would eventually lead to me being air lifted from aforementioned bed! However, we all need to give ourselves a break sometimes, what’s the point of all the hard work, long hours and hard graft if not for some rewards!

So tonight I’m eating cheesecake in bed, because I want to! It’s been a long but lovely Sunday and I’m finishing it off with a bit of self indulgent decadence! If you also tend to judge yourself harshly and not give yourself a break, why not give it a go, do something (within legal and safe means of course!) you normally wouldn’t for no other reason than you want to. In the middle of an intensely busy time I can tell you, it’s deliciously satisfying!image


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