Time Capsule…


I watched a documentary where they uncovered a time capsule from 30 years ago. You’d have thought that 30 years wasn’t really enough time to see any major changes, but it was rather remarkable. So I thought I would do a little version of it for my children, should they want to see a glimpse of their Mum and Dads everyday life when they are our age now.

Home Cooking

This is last weeks dinner meals in our home! All our meals are homemade (and gluten free where alternatives are required).

Wednesday – mid week roast chicken, roast potatoes, veg, stuffing & gravy.

Thursday – halloumi and chorizo wraps with salad.

Friday – A Children in Need party buffet including baked potatoes, meat, cheese, spring rolls, onion bhajis, crisps, dip etc.

Saturday – chicken and cauliflower curry with roasted garlic new potatoes and poppadoms.

Sunday – we had the Rain or Shine theatre company round for a cast dinner so had slow cooked gammon in cider with potato dauphinois, green beans and sweet corn.


Monday – sausage and red wine casserole with rice. (Also had a leftover gammon & potato pie with broccoli at lunchtime)

Tuesday – beef and chorizo burgers with wedges and beans.

TV programmes

These days for many busy people, it’s all about Netflix! Our ‘leisure time’ in the evenings doesn’t generally begin until about 9.30/10 at the earliest but there are a few programmes that we particularly enjoy and watch when we have time to.

Big Bang Theory

How To Get Away with Murder

Walking Dead

American Horror Story

8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

Would I Lie to You

Greys Anatomy (although that’s just me!)



It seems to be all about either the remake or superheroes at the moment, just a few of the big films (from our point of view!) are;


Jurassic World

Stars Wars : The Force Awakens

Any Avengers related film!


We currently have a Conservative government with David Cameron as Prime Minister. Queen Elizabeth II is still on the throne and thanks to the popularity of Kate, Wills and Harry, the monarchy is enjoying a relatively popular time. George and Charlotte, the two recent Royal babies have also helped that a lot! Sadly groups like UKIP and Britain First are still giving the county a bad name but less and less people seem to be taking any notice of either group. Most people seem to be learning that ‘being racist and hateful’ isn’t a credible political stance.

Your Parents!


Your Dad is 31 and I am currently 30. We work together running and Theatre Company and specialising in Stage Combat courses and classes. Your Dad also choreographs fights in shows and is an associate practitioner with the RSC. Your Mum is also a Forensic Psychologist and currently works within teams on various projects as well as doing some writing work. To say we are busy professionally would be a huge understatement! We are, at the moment in a particularly busy period, often catching up over a late dinner around 9.30/10pm. However we work really hard to make sure our children have the best and happiest lives possible. This often means that you are brought along to rehearsals and get to see exciting things going on on stage or travel around with us seeing the country and other parts of the world.

We are halfway through our second pregnancy, expecting your sibling at the beginning of April 2016. We’re about to celebrate our first Christmas at our first proper family home. And in February we’ll be celebrating our second wedding anniversary.

And although there were a few other categories on the programme I watched, I think I’ll leave it there! It’s interesting to look back on how things were; on a day to day basis, the changes are minute, but when you turn around you realise how far you’ve reached. That’s certainly true of parenthood, when I look back on pictures from Scarlett’s birth or when I was pregnant with her, seeing her as an 18 month old toddler wasn’t something I could even imagine! And yet here we are 18 months later watching our funny, beautiful little girl blossom into a little girl! And in another couple of years, she’ll be going to school and her sibling will be a toddler. It all happens in the blink of an eye. It will be interesting to see what day to day life is like when Scarlett’s my age, how diets will have changed, what music is popular, who will be in charge of the country. Perhaps as I’m on quite a long car journey to work tonight we’ll make some guesses for what life will be like in 2044 when Scarlett turns 30, add it as a follow up post, and look back to see how close (or how off the mark!) we were!



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