Publicly Private…


There’s a second royal baby. Which has become HUGE news. Now, I’m not about to talk about whether I think it should be such big news or not as I’m on a quick writing break (ironically writing socially to break from writing professionally but still, a breaks a break!) so I don’t have time to get into the various arguments. My main point is about the Mother. Kate gave birth around 8am this morning and this afternoon was pictured making her way home with her precious new baby girl. As is expected of her, she was in a fresh outfit, and her hair and makeup was flawless. 

She had, roughly 6 hours to go from the throes of childbirth, to being smack back in the public eye, a huge public eye. SIX hours! I think back to when I had Scarlett and six hours after I gave birth I had only just been brought up from recovery into a ward. Now ok, my little girl was an emergency C-Section and the new Princess by all accounts was happily an uncomplicated and routine birth. But still, thousands of cameras going off in her face, the pressure to look well presented a few hours after the most painful experience of a woman’s life?! 
In the first pictures take of me after I had my baby, my face is very swollen still from the steroid injections that I’d had when Scarlett had tried to be born even earlier than she actually arrived. I didn’t have any makeup with me and I was wearing the BIGGEST pants I’ve ever known to exist with a really loose nightie. The pictures are not me at my most attractive! They ARE my husband and I at our happiest which is why we proudly have a few of those pictures up at home but if I knew I was going to have an unscrupulous public and hundreds of media across the world, I probably would have been slightly more concerned!
My point is, any woman who has given birth knows what an emotional, beautiful, exhausting but precious time it is and although I know there are exceptions; most I know would hate those cherished hours to be interrupted by the worlds press. Any mother (and father) deserve at least a day to enjoy the news and the new situation to themselves and their family and friends. 
The six weeks after a baby’s born, your world is turned upside down. I barely got out of my pyjamas, the house was a mess and I was never entirely sure whether it was night or day. If news reports are to be believed, Kate and William will at least now have some time at home together in private. And I really hope they do. George and his as yet unnamed sister are not going to have a normal upbringing but those beautiful children certainly won’t care about the media and the press at their tender young ages. They’ll want a loving and happy family. I hope that after the strobe lighting that must have greeted them when they left the hospital today, they will be allowed some time together as a family unit. 
Some people feel that with the money and power the Royals have, we’re somehow ‘owed’ the details of their life, or that it’s part and parcel of the life they lead. I’m not leading the ‘poor rich girl’ chorus, I’m simply saying that we are all people at the centre of it and today a young woman gave birth, a little boy became a big brother and a young man gained a daughter who will probably forever have him wrapped around his little finger! Like any baby, she may have colic, she may not sleep well, she may have any number of things that make the very early days so difficult. And whatever extra help they may or may not have, today was still one of the most precious of their lives.
One day we hope to have another baby so Scarlett has a sibling and we have a second child, and I still remember the tears and smiles and private joy we experienced with the first, and will no doubt will have with a second. When we arrived home for the first time, we arrived home to a decorated living room filled with ‘baby girl’ balloons and a much appreciated lunch of bread and meats and of course, a cup of tea! It was a perfect day! I was in a lot of pain, we were in a daze and I just can’t imagine how we would have coped with hundreds of cameras and members of the press and the public being outside the hospital waiting for us.
I’m very happy for Kate and William, as I am for any family who welcome a new person. I hope that the intrusions didn’t ruin their magical day and I for one, although interested in what name they choose, how they’re getting on etc, can certainly happily wait for that information whilst they have some cherished time together as a family.
There’s a new Royal baby and that’s huge news, but however big news a baby being born is, its never bigger than for the parents, and that’s the way it should be.

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