Poetry on painkillers…


After the slightly deeper entry about taking better care of myself, I thought a couple more codeine induced bursts of poetry were about due! Written around 4am, I’m not sure these will make it into the collection to be published…

The Grizzly Bear

The grizzly bear is a powerful beast,

With a powerful grizzly bear roar,

He growls and he scowls and he raises right up,

To show what he’s made of and more.

But what people don’t know, it’s what’s deep inside,

Just below all the bark and the bite,

A grizzly is just a bear that’s been hurt,

A bear that feels he must fight.

There is a way in, a route past his wall,

A path that’s not easy to see,

A path not well taken, not easy at times,

But the very best place I can be.


The Dormouse

The dormouse is one that is easily pushed,

Who often gets walked right past,

She squeaks and she creaks and she tries to raise up,

But the strength is not something that lasts.

But what people don’t know, it’s what deep inside, 

When someone takes the time to see,

A dormouse is definitely not small in heart,

A doormats not what she will be.

Not many will try, and tread carefully through,

While watching where they stand,

But for those that do, for those that care,

She’ll never let go of their hand.


5 thoughts on “Poetry on painkillers…

  1. Gorgeous Danielle! I feel a children’s book is in the making. I especially like the bear poem. Dormice are cute but not when they get into my garage and eat my stored photo albums! A bit of an issue at my place!
    Where my oldest daughter lives in Vermont the bears are a nuisance. They raid the dustbins and bird feeders when they are hungry. Fortunately they are sleeping for the winter now!

    • Thank you! There is a book, ‘Olivia and the Grizzly Bear’ (our original idea for Scarlett’s name – Olivia, we were never going to call her Grizzly Bear!) that I’m hoping to get finished and sorted soon 🙂 xx

  2. Oh wonderful. I have the number of a lady at a publishing house when you are ready to submit. Or there are competitions around for children’s stories. I recently went on a course so I’m 50% enthused and 50% deflated! My head and notebooks burst with ideas but finishing and sending off is an issue!

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