Codeine induced creativity…


I would like to apologies before you read the below, the rather strange nature of it and the abrupt end. It was written last night at 3am and in the interest of honesty I’m pasting it as written but luckily I had the good sense to at least post it after a bit of a sleep and with time for this little disclaimer at the top of it…! Still comrades, let’s hope my brain picks up the next couple of weeks!

“A few days ago I had a minor operation in hospital, everything is fine and I’m ok and I’ve now got a couple of weeks worth of resting and taking it easy. I’m also pretty heavily stacked with painkillers and antibiotics which means a) I’m not sleeping very well, and b) my writing has taken a turn for the weird..!

With blogging, a slightly weirder tone for a little while is not so much of a problem, but I’m a professional writer. I write scenes for courses, my children’s story is in the process of being illustrated before it’s ready to be published and I have articles in a series of local magazines each month. Luckily, my next contract for scenes is at the end of February and I’ve done next months articles, otherwise; frankly, with some of the pieces of work I’ve written and looked back on, I’m pretty sure I could unravel my writing career within the next couple of weeks.

For prosperity, I thought it would only be right to (as I’m very certain it’s not going to be used for anything professionally!) paste one of the codeine induced fabrications of my already dramatically imaginative mind. Historically, codeine has always sent me a little bit loopy, so the next two or three weeks should at the very least, be entertaining for those around me….

“Malfred Finds Peggy

Malfred the manic depressive bunny goes into town, and keeps his head down to the floor.
He wanders around with his hands by his side, and wonders if he could do more.

To re-find his smile, or let out a laugh, he used to be happy he thinks.
He seems to remember, he was jolly once, and handed out liberally winks.

Then one day our bunny, our Malfred, he meets, a companion to be by his side.
A green frog that’s called Peggy, she’s kind and she’s sweet, she’s Malf’s truth, she’s Malf’s love & Malf’s pride”

I know. I’m aware, it’s odd. It’s…a poem based on my baby daughters favourite soft toys. My husband and I have given them all back story’s, and codeine has now created a poetical love story between a rabbit and a frog…”



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