Refreshing Reminiscing…


There are sometimes moments in life that prove that however ‘grown up’ your life becomes, we are all still, eternally, children at heart! Our day today consisted of filming a music video in Brighton, which already says something about our chosen lifestyle. However, if possible (we’re filming with a personal hero of ours today so it was already at an extremely high level of happiness!) the day reached new, dizzying heights of joy, when we went into a ‘Happy Shopper’.

Bear with me, the good news isn’t simply, we went into a newsagents, we’re excitable people but not quite that easily pleased…

ANYWAY, regular readers will know that my husband and I met aged 5 and 6 respectively and had a quarrel over a classic 80’s/90’s drink, ‘Twist and Squeeze.’ These drinks weren’t particularly healthy and contained quite a lot of additives, as such, although my Mum would buy them (I didn’t like fizzy drinks and otherwise only drank water so Mum allowed me this one ‘vice’!) not many other parents would. Consequently, I was a bit of a neighbourhood dealer, heading up to the village green with a load stuffed in my backpack! My favourite flavour was blue (I’m not sure what ‘blue’ was supposed to be, I never really questioned it…) and the occasion in which my future husband and I both wanted the last blue one is one of my very favourite anecdotes about how we came to know one another.

The drink was sadly banned (sadly for me, nutritionally it was terrible that it was ever available..!) and Twist and Squeeze was no longer in my life. Luckily, my husband and I connected on a deeper level than soft drink preference all those years later, and we somehow continued despite the gaping hole that Twist and Squeeze inevitably left in it’s absence.

However, coming back to today, we wandered into the Happy Shopper with high spirits. As I perused the fridge shelves for a snack I felt my other half’s hand grip mine…

“Don’t look behind you.”

Thinking I was perhaps being protected from witnessing some horrendous crime I froze. And then I saw the glint in his eye, something good was happening, something was exciting!

“Turn around.”

I obeyed and my eyes eagerly scanned the facing shelves, cans of drink, cartons of Um Bongo, standard newsagent stock, I couldn’t work out what he was referring…oh no wait…and then I saw it. A glimmer of emerald green, a familiar plastic shape, but it had been banned, it couldn’t be…

…it bloody was!!!!

Twist and Squeeze!!!!

Exactly the same, except the branding was now ‘Squeeze It’, the ingredients had much fewer chemicals and the flavour was apple. Still, it was definitely Twist and Squeeze. It was like welcoming an old friend. An old friend you hadn’t seen in twenty years. It was a really exciting and wonderful moment that took us back to the first time we met. For me personally it was like reliving a slice of my childhood, even down to the shop; we used to visit a Happy Shopper round the corner from my Nan and Grandads when I was little, I hadn’t been in one for years.

The rest of the day was awesome, we were working with a personal hero on his new music video and had a great time together. But that moment, the moment we saw that piece of shared history (I know I know, all this over a bleeding kids drink, what can I say, I’m very theatrical!) reminded me just how much we’re still children at our core. The best things in life are free is very much a cliche, but it’s very true (well strictly it was 45p, and technically we bought 11 so I’ll let you do the maths!) but today we spent the entire day having that proved.

Scarlett will have a whole set of new things that will accompany her youth and hopefully when she’s an adult, she’ll keep that spirit alive and always find the joy in things that remind her of her past. Perhaps things with less additives and harmful chemicals than the eighties but all the same…



2 thoughts on “Refreshing Reminiscing…

  1. Orchard Carol (NHS GLOUCESTERSHIRE CCG - 11M)

    An amazing look down memory lane, sad no blues or reds!!! Superb as ever Mrs Danielle Jordan. 🙂 xxx

    Carol Orchard Contract Manager NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group Sanger House 5220 Valiant Court Delta Way Gloucester Business Park Brockworth Gloucester GL3 4F Tel: 0300 421 1687 Email:


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