Challenge Continues Photoshoot Edition….


Number 24, a family photoshoot has been ticked off our ’30 before 30′ list! Knowing it would be near impossible to get both sides of the family together for one big photoshoot, we’re doing it in two halves; we completed the first half this weekend, the Jordan side. We got together with Scarlett’s Auntie, Uncle, Grandparents and Great Grandparent on her Dads side and spent an hour in a studio laughing together and getting some snaps taken.

We had a look at the result this week and inevitably after telling ourselves firmly that we cannot afford to, almost instantly fell for one of their ‘deals’ to capture some of the images as keepsakes (not to mention Christmas presents!).

But it wasn’t just about getting the pictures, after the shoot we all headed for lunch and as a family group spent most of the day catching up, chatting and laughing together; with less than an hours studio time that’s a whole day we wouldn’t have necessarily have spent all together like that. As sad as it is, life gets so busy, it’s essential to book in these times to have some quality time together.

In my Grandparents day, you spent every weekend with your family, you Sunday lunched together, you went to the shops together, you all lived on the same street. Today, people often live on the other side of the world from each other. Not trying to get away from one another but there’s a whole big wide world to explore and it’s much more accessible than it used to be! But days like Sunday always prove to me just how important family is, it’s a lifelong bond and a family is one that will always be there for you. I understand why people don’t get much time together, it’s the nature of our lifestyles these days but I do think it’s so important to make time to reconnect. Just because you don’t see them as often, doesn’t make those people any less important.

This message has been made even more poignant for me as my side of the family recently lost someone, my Auntie passed away recently and Friday we’ll be travelling to Manchester for the funeral. Life has been very busy with Scarlett, work and other things so we were so pleased to be able to introduce Scarlett to my Aunt last month at a one off family lunch, one we nearly weren’t able to make. We didn’t know at the time it was going to be the last time we saw her.

I know not all families are straightforward, there’s skeletons in every cupboard, and some people are family despite not sharing blood; whatever the circumstance, the message is the same. Life is busy but people are more important, relationships are more precious than busy schedules.

We’ve ticked one of the things off our list and come away with lasting memories of this time in our lives. My brother recently turned 21, I remember him being born like it was yesterday, before we know it Scarlett will be her own person and these days will be a distant memory. I’m often teased for how many pictures I take or how much I make of the small moments. But those small moments are what make life worth living, in years to come we will all look back and realise the small moments were in fact the big moments, and I for one certainly want to cherish them.



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