Together we walk…


Number two on our ’30 before 30′ list is to take part in a charity sporting challenge. Something we’ve both done before, but not as a family as of yet. Now, not ones to do things by halves, we’re booked onto two, in the same weekend! And to cap it off we thought we’d throw in a charity coffee morning as well!

So on Friday 26th September, we’re hosting a Macmillan Coffee morning event in Cheltenham (it’s more mid morning really so that hopefully a few people can make it on their lunch breaks) with coffee, cakes and a general catch up whilst making a few pounds for Macmillan. Then on Saturday 27th September, we’re taking part in the Sue Ryder Starlight Hike which is a late night 10k walk around Cheltenham. And finally on Sunday 28th September, we’re heading to Stratford in the morning for a 5k Colour Blast to in support of Shakespeare’s Hospice. Scarlett (as long as she’s recovered from her cold) will be coming with us for all three events and the weekend is our first big fat tick off our list.

However, one of the big reasons for the list in the first place was to a) try things we hadn’t before or experience together as a family and b) as part of showing Scarlett things we think are important. Now for a start, I know the three of us taking part in a couple of walks and baking a few cakes, is not going to change the world. But getting involved and helping others is so important, in a world where there’s so much importance misplaced on the material things in life, we really want our daughter to appreciate the priceless things, and to have a giving nature as she understands that other people aren’t so lucky. I’m also aware that she won’t grow up and do charity work based on one weekend at a time in her life that she can’t remember. But it’s important to us to have these things as a part of our lifestyle. Not something we do once when she’s seven, before sitting her down and telling her that ‘charity is good.’ We want the message to be a bit more natural than that, for her to grow up being part of similar events, as well as bigger causes and knowing that helping such causes, in whatever small way, is valuable.

We’ll make some money for Macmillan at the coffee morning by selling cakes, and we’ve made an additional donation to boost out entry fee amount to Sue Ruder, but we’ve set up a fundraising page for the Colour Blast. Our aim is to make £100, and so far we’re 40% of the way there. The link to our fundraising page is here and despite the rather blatant plug, if any of you can share this link to people you think could donate, or spare a few pounds yourself, we’d be very grateful in any help we receive to make our £100 target! As you can see, not life changing events but a little bit to three fantastic charities and a fun filled weekend to boot!

So we’ve been going out for walks with Scarlett in tow to train for the 15k we’ll be walking overall in the two days, and Scarlett and I are doing our best to get our cold bugs beaten in good time to be fighting for for the three events.

Our big charity weekend is less than a week away so please feel free to come and join us (see links below for details), any donations happily received and one task on our 6 month list soon to be completed!



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