Birthday Bucket List…


Avid readers of my blog will know that my poor husband celebrated his 30th birthday with a small family BBQ, which was lovely but should have included several other events that had to be cancelled as I was pregnant and had a rather severe kidney infection which had landed me in hospital. However, I turn 30 six months today and we were chatting about how to celebrate. We decided against my husband picking up a hospital worthy infection (that’s soooo 2014 dahhling.) and the conversation led onto all the things we thought we’d have done by the time we were thirty.

We’re both really quite lucky in that we’ve both ticked off quite a lot of our individual lists, married, baby , have travelled etc.. But it gave us an idea, an idea that enabled me to write a list (win win!). We have six months, so we may not be totally victorious and a couple of the entries will be somewhat down to luck. HOWEVER, allow me dear friends, to introduce you to our new challenge…

30 Things to do before we’re 30!

I know I know, my husband is already 30, but as I effectively ruined his birthday, we’re now turning 30 on the 5th February as a team!

The rules are as follows;

– we both have to finish each entry, where necessary with adjustments (for example, my husbands gluten free so any food challenges will need to be necessarily adjusted.)

– some of these things one or both of us has done before, we may well have included it to experience it anew together, or to include our new addition baby Scarlett

– our main constraint will be financial so where we can we’ll be doing things creatively to avoid unnecessary costs!

– all are welcome to join in with us and add additional activities to add to our challenge album!

– number 22, apologies to all our parents who will massively disapprove but henna also counts and that’s not as permanent so you never know, we may go for henna instead…!

1- Visit Stonehenge
2- Take part in a charity sporting event together
3- Perform music live together (me singing, Tom playing an instrument, something we do at home a lot but never have done in public together…because of fear!)
4- Host a murder mystery evening (I love these and have done them before, now I have a baby I suspect it’ll be slightly less raucous!)
5- Play map roulette (pack the car, grab a map, close our eyes, stick a pin in it, most likely miss the map and yelp in pain, eventually hit a random location and head on off!)
6- Do a dance class together (dance style not yet specified, suggestions welcome, maybe we’ll try a few!)
7- Attend a dinner/ball (the last one we went to we organised which was slightly more stressful!)
8- Do some volunteering
9- Create a piece of artwork
10- Have a movie marathon day (movies to be pre selected, day will be suitably accompanied with snacks and all are welcome to join us)
11- Try pole dancing (we may wimp out of a class but Vikki assures us she has a home based pole we can try!)
12- Face my fear at Birdland and feed the penguins (with head keeper Ali’s help!)
13- Appear on a gameshow (assisted by gameshow experts Stuart & Ali)
14- Eat a pot noodle sandwich (as pointed out by Matt – not acceptable after you’r thirty and neither of us has ever done this!)
15- Have a weekend in Tom’s honourary homeland Scotland (hopefully including visits to see Toms honourary countrymen!)
16- Try a deep fried mars bar (well…when in Scotland…!)
17- Go to a foreign restaurant and order stuff we’ve never tried/can’t pronounce (recommendations welcome)
18- Attend an ancient English festival (along the lines of the Newent onion fayre etc)
19- Go ghost hunting (on an official hunt, guided by a knowledgable friend…or rogue! One suspects October will be best for this!)
20- Meet a celebrity (a bit of luck may have to feature in this one!)
21- Attend a live music event
22- Get a tattoo (cue an angry email from my Father in 3…2…1..!)
23- Go for a cookery lesson
24- Have a family photoshoot (we have a huge family so the more the merrier but I suspect it will only include parents & siblings if we even manage to co-ordinate that when we’re all free!)
25- Go on a steam train (either just a journey or make the most of one of the events they run)
26- Complete 5 random acts of kindness
27- Make Sloe Gin
28- Arrange & have a baby naming ceremony for Scarlett (more complicated than it sounds!)
29- Start a band (this must include more than just the two of us and at least one live performance, band member volunteers welcome!)
30- Secret number 30! (So named as I’m planning it as my husbands Christmas present!)

There are hundreds of things we could list, but this is our ‘turning 30′ list, chances are we’ll then have a more expansive list, maybe ’35 things to do before turning 35’ (it’s going to start getting tricky when we approach 70…!) thank you to all friends and family who made suggestions, any that didn’t make it onto this list are probably down to budget (or time constraints!) and have been placed on the next list on a wider timescale (We WILL get to Australia Lou I promise!)

Challenges like this are common in my life, I love a good goal or adventure, and we want to instill the same sense of fun (including or excluding the love of lists, that’s up to her!) in Scarlett however she may choose to use it! Where possible she will be involved, after all, she’s a huge part of our life and we want her to be a huge part of it even if she’ll have no memory of this particular one!

The challenge officially starts today, and looking at Scarlett’s smiling face (said smiling face pictured…!), she’s keen to help me, so if you’ll excuse me comrades, I had best get on, we have a list of 30 things to complete in six months…




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