Baby’s bedtime scare…


I’ve seen Paranormal Activity, let’s be honest, we all have, I’ve seen all of them, even the questionable spin off ‘The Marked Ones.’ Which is how I know not to set up a video camera with recent events. Our beautiful baby girl is becoming more sociable, that’s not to say she’s organising soirees or heading out to night clubs, but we’re getting more and more smiles and coos.

When we’re in the bedroom, usually when I’m feeding in the middle of the night, she often looks around, gives me little smiles, it’s adorable….until…

…there’s a certain spot on the ceiling with no noticeable marks or anything of note to look at, that she’ll every so often look up and stare at. Like, really stare at. And then she’ll smile! The sort of smile we get when she’s looking at us and we put in a lot of effort to get a smile, a reactive kind of smile!

The only other time she does similar is when we’re sitting on the sofa next to the stairs, she’ll stare upwards, through the banisters and up towards the landing, but in these times, she doesn’t usually smile, just stares. You know…as if something from the bedroom comes to the landing and peeks down the stairs to us downstairs when it’s not hanging out on our bedroom ceiling.

I’m slightly ashamed to say that I’m too afraid to look at the same spot on the ceiling or up through the stairs when she’s looking there! One things for sure, I won’t be setting up a video camera anytime soon, I’m happier not seeing anything. If it starts to get stranger, my instinct is to move house and burn this one down. I’m a massive horror film fan but not so much a horror life fan!

They say that kids are much more sensitive to the paranormal and more likely to sense and see things. My logical mind says that there are hundreds of more sensible explanations…my daughter is utterly beautiful but I have to admit when she looks up at that ceiling, she beautifully terrifies me!



3 thoughts on “Baby’s bedtime scare…

    • My maternal Grandmother was called Winifred, I don’t know of her Mothers name though. All my Grandparents are sorely missed, it would be lovely to think they were watching over my baby girl xx

  1. Definitely an “M” name. She is not the only departed loved one that has stopped by. No harm.
    Your daughter is an old soul. She has had many lives so she is pretty far advanced. Stay open-minded.
    She will go into medicine this lifetime.

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