Our Next Chapter…


A much more in depth post to follow but for now just the below.

I’m delighted to announce to you dear friends, that our beautiful baby daughter Scarlett Lois Lade Jordan, was born by emergency C-Section at 5.57am on Tuesday 1st July. And as I lay in hospital gazing at her, the emotions my brain is capable of putting together are below before normal blogging services resume shortly…

We thought we knew the date we’d meet you,
But you had other ideas,
At 2am the waters did break,
Followed by elation mixed with our fears.

Your Daddy and I spoke about menial things,
To keep us both calm in the car,
We knew we were soon to gaze at your face,
Introductions really weren’t all that far.

No time to really fully understand,
It all went by as if in a blur,
We were all of a sudden in hospital gowns,
Scared about how healthy you were.

Daddy held Mummy’s hand, and never let go,
Looking each other right in the eye,
And then all of a sudden, it happened so fast,
Tears flowed as we heard your first cry.

Words can’t express what you mean to us now,
The love that just overflows,
We try to hold on to each moment we have,
We’re so aware of how fast the time goes.

So Scarlett our girl, if you know only one thing,
Make it how much you are loved by us both,
There’s a sparkle in our eyes that’s only for you,
A love stronger than any other oath.

We both fell in love all over again,
When our family grew from two to three,
Scarlett we love you ever so much,
You’re everything to Daddy and me.



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