Baby’s Boss Application Attempt…


It’s been quite an eventful pregnancy and our little one is determined to keep that up right till the end. In fact this week, she attempted to close the gap till to the end…sneaky baby! Dramatic and precocious just like her Mother!

I can almost hear her saying, “THEY’LL give ME an arrival date..? I don’t bloody think so, I’ll come when I please!”

The quick version of the last couple of days is that all is fine, there was a brief escape attempt that was appeased, and as we’re so near the end, we’re having a really little stay in Gloucester to ensure all is ok, which it is. And frankly a mix of injections, epilepsy meds and codeine has made my part of events relatively non sensical and in a rare ‘down from the kite I’ve obviously been flying from’ moment, I jotted down the following words, my apologies for inevitable mistakes…

Much love to you all dear friends xx

“As we kissed her big strong Daddy goodbye,
I felt a new strength I had without try,
I saw in his eyes it hurt him to leave,
As he subtly wiped his eye on his sleeve.

The monitors around do their song and dance,
Any anomaly signalled with barely a glance,
Parenthood starts way beyond day of birth,
Instinctively new family becomes guarded turf.

I fall in love with my husband again and again,
My comfort, my love, my joy and my friend,
The comraderie at midnight as we packed up to go,
A mutual understanding we felt without show.

Our baby tries best to join us so soon,
We tell her ‘not now, hold on a few moons,’
So excited to meet her but only when right,
But we’ll do what we can if she arrives here this night.

It should still be a week before two becomes three,
For now it’s still safest she stays part of me,
White coats rush around, keeping on a tired smile,
They do their best to keep her safe all the while.

Mummy and baby, looked after so well,
But the greatest protector, is Daddy we tell.
Stays by our side as long as he’s allowed,
Keeps both of us smiling, both of us proud.

Injections don’t hurt as much with him by our side,
Scans not so frightening, needles don’t seem so wide!
So whilst this all goes on, we are proved as a three,
We’re going to be just fine, baby, Daddy and me.”


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