Pops Day Poem…


There will be quite a few years before our little one actually sorts out her own Fathers Day cards and gifts and we agreed that this year we wouldn’t do anything but I was doing some writing the other day and the below came from it. A very happy Fathers Day to all those out there! Especially to my own and my incredible husband who has proved to be a fantastic Daddy before we have even met our child.

“I know you haven’t met me yet,
But I love you just the same,
It’s not too long for you to wait,
I hope your excitement hasn’t waned.

You’re everything that Mummy dreamed,
You’re already my hero as well,
We have years ahead for adventures and fun,
Creating family stories to tell.

There’s wonder for us both for now,
I can’t wait to meet my Dad,
Whose colour hair will I inherit?
Which traits, whether good or bad?

Do you wonder what colour my eyes will be?
Your deep brown or Mummy’s blue,
One things for sure, they’ll be extra bright,
Everytime I look up at you.

Mummy hopes I’ll have your sense of joy,
And not her co-ordination,
And maybe a real mix of your brains,
A zest for life that could change a nation.

But I just hope to smile and laugh a lot,
Enjoy my days with you and Mum,
Join your co-conspirator team,
For endless years of fun.

It may have been a whirlwind year for sure,
But I for one am really glad,
I couldn’t be luckier for Mum to have picked,
You in the role as my Dad.”


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