Powerful Pansy…


Just a quick one today. I had a whooping cough vaccine, there was a 30 minute wait in the GP surgery but I never really mind that – if I’m waiting, I’m obviously not urgent and that can only be good news.

ANYWAY, I am a wimp but the vaccine is for the good of the baby so of course I was going to be brave, I’m gong to be a Mother, an amazon of strength, a pillar of support…

…and yet, when the nurse called my name, I grabbed hold of my husband dragging him in behind me as casually as I could achieve. And then as the nurse provided friendly chat and carried the teeny tiny needle towards me, I held my husbands hand…because, well, you know, I’m affectionate like that. But for some reason I could feel my nails digging into his hand more and more as the teeny tiny needle got closer and closer to me. Strange. The injection itself took less than 3 seconds, although apparently 3 seconds is enough time for me to let out a little squeaky yelp. Cotton wool put on top with a little bit of tape and I was done…no offer of a drink, a lie down or any kind of a badge or certificate awarded, that was it, I was finished. It took probably about 2 minutes and 40 seconds in total, alongside 30 minutes of the anxious waiting room wait, and an entire morning of dread…for 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

So yes, strong Amazonian Mother of steel…it might still need a bit of practise…


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