Power of playtime…


There are so many things I’m looking forward to experiencing with the little one and was discussing them with my husband today. But it occurred to me that actually I’m very excited to have a whole list of activities it’s now acceptable to do again! We’re both quite childish and still play games and go on adventures but a lot of the time you have to keep them quiet because it’s not quite the done thing as an adult…until you have a child, at which point you’re just being a good parent…it’s a win win!

So in the last few months of pregnancy – when your ankles swell, and if you drop things on the floor, it’s much easier to decide that that’s where it now lives; concentrate instead of the following activities that will soon be back in your life in abundance that you can enjoy without judgement!

1) Building a den. Once a parent, it doesn’t even matter if the kids have had no part in it, if visitors come round and you’ve got bed sheets precariously balanced all throughout the lounge, you only have to roll your eyes and say ‘sorry kids,’ and no more questions will be asked. A kindly visitor may even imagine you’ve been run ragged by the kids that day and offer to help tidy up whilst you have a sit down. They don’t need to know you and your partner have been Cowboys and Indians all day, being a Chief IS tiring work.

2) Facepainting. Remember when, as a child, with a few bits of paint you could become a bee, a fairy, Spider-Man or a devil? Well, those days are back my friend! Remember, you’re doing it for the kids! Always dreamed of being Batman? Well luckily for you, the benefit of being an adult is you can now set the theme.

3) Getting out all the toys. The big downside to this one is that you now have to be the one to put them all away BUT children’s toys have taken huge leaps forward since we were kids and you can spend gleeful hours playing with your kids in the way only kids know how.

There are many more examples I could list but only you will be able to identify the ones that will really make your eyes light up with excitement. The downside is that now you’re an adult you have much less energy, so may be heading to bed at the same time as the children; AND of course you’re now the one responsible for any mess BUT it’s a small price to pay for those moments when you can forget work, forget that bill you need to sort out, not worry about looking stupid or being mature.

Childhood is a truly magical time and as an adult, we look on enviously at the innocence, enjoyment and excitement they are able to find in every day. But remember, we were those children once and we all have an inner child desperate to put down the work file and do a handstand or run about until only a slush puppy will adequately cool you down. Don’t ignore that part, it’s what makes everything else worthwhile.

Anyway I would say more but my husband has found me in my den and I need to grab my lightsaber to ensure he can’t get in until he guesses the secret password…


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