Face Companions…


I’ve spoken before about how there are many interesting little side affects of pregnancy that you don’t hear about until you’re in the club! Probably for the best as you don’t get all of them and frankly if someone did write a comprehensive list of every single little thing you could possibly find while hosting your own little bundle, it’d take longer than the pregnancy to read through and there’s enough to worry about when finding it all out as you go without knowing every eventuality possible!

However, one of those charming little side affects that I’ve noticed this week is this one…you all know about my charming snaggletooth that’s been with me since a bike accident in my childhood. But recently, Snaggletooth is being joined by Wonky Eye. This charming new addition to my face does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a wonk to my right eye. In photos over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed it’s always slightly more closed and the eyelid is slightly more puffy than the left one. Some might say there’s at least a charming balance as the tooth that snaggles out slightly is on the left so to some extent, the eye now just balances out my face quite nicely.

And as I mentioned in a recent post, “Beauty and the Snaggletooth…” I won’t be taking any of the internet makeup tips to hide this slight wonk. For a start, I tried in the name of research and I just looked like I’d lost a fight; but also because I’m pregnant and my body is by all accounts doing whatever the hell it wants to do to successfully grow my child.

It did occur to me the other day that your whole body suddenly becomes like the overworked PA of a busy office, “yes yes I’m sorting out the healthy development of an unborn child right now, I don’t have time to deal with the facial alignment department, email me and I’ll add it to the pile. Oh and by the way, please let accounts know we cannot afford the added growth in the thigh area, it’s starting to get out of hand…” So I’m certainly not going to add to that stress by worrying about the eye situation. Medically, I’ve ensured it’s a safe and common side affect and that’s the end of it. Most commonly, it will disappear of it’s own accord either later on in pregnancy or once the baby is born.

And if not, well then, so be it, I spent a good 20 minutes in the mirror earlier trying to incorporate it into some kind of new sexy wink so I’m sure I can work with it! Pregnancy is a charming companion but aesthetically it’s not quite as glamorous as the brochures make out…

(Side note; I’m apparently probably sightly dehydrated so more water intake for me. There are other things it could mean so do be sure to get anything unrecognised or that you’re worrying about checked out)

Photo on 31-03-2014 at 14.59


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